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Mike Tyson Latest News - Mike To Serve Just One Day In Jail

20-November-07: Mike Tyson Will Be A Free Man Later Today
Mike Tyson Outside Court - Sept 07

County Attorney Andrew Thomas said he was disappointed in the judge's ruling.
"His intentional criminal conduct seriously endangered the public," said Thomas, in a prepared statement. "DUI is a very serious offense which too often results in death or injury to others."
Tyson attorneys had argued for probation because he had admitted his mistakes and was trying to battle his addictions.
Since his arrest, Tyson had undergone treatment at a California rehabilitation center and worked with children preaching a message of staying sober and keeping off drugs. His attorney said in court he had passed 29 straight drug tests.
"If you do good deeds and you help other people recover, alternatives to imprisonment are the better route," attorney David Chesnoff said outside the courthouse.
Tyson left the court without speaking to reporters. He will report to jail on Tuesday morning, his attorney said.
He faced a maximum of three years and nine months in prison for felony possession of drugs and another six months in jail on the misdemeanor DUI charge. Tyson pleaded guilty to the charges in September under an agreement with prosecutors.
Authorities said he revealed his cocaine addiction during the arrest and admitted to using the drug that same day.
Tyson spent three years in an Indiana prison following a 1992 rape conviction and another spell in jail after pleading no contest to two misdemeanor assault charges in Maryland in 1999.

Mike had this to say - "I just want to say how happy I am today that the judge has granted me freedom stemming from an arrest one year ago. I am thankful to everyone who has helped me through a very difficult time. To my family, friends and fans around the world who have sent letters and provided support, I thank you. To my lawyers and to all the people who have helped me stay clean and sober for the past 10 months, thank you. I will be taking one day at a time; staying sober is my job. There are many people who are fighting for their lives from drug and alcohol addiction. I will use my time and energy to help those in need. Now I look forward to spending time with my children."

25-Sept-07: Mike Tyson Pleads Guilty To Drug Possession & DUI Charges
Mike Tyson Outside Court - Sept 07
Mike was dressed in a light blue shirt and dark blue trousers during a brief appearance in Maricopa County Superior Court yesterday. A very sombre Tyson quickly answered a series of questions by the judge about the plea agreement, responding, "guilty" when asked how he pleaded to each count.
Tyson was arrested in December 29 in Scottsdale, Arizona, after being spotted driving erratically upon leaving a nightclub and nearly colliding with a sheriff's vehicle, authorities said.
Prosecutors on Monday said Tyson had 2.16 grams of cocaine in his possession and traces of marijuana in his system at the time of his arrest.
"Mike admitted to possessing bags of cocaine and said he uses any time he can get his hands on it," the arresting officer wrote in his report.
Tyson's attorney, David Chesnoff, said the controversial boxer is undergoing substance abuse treatment at a California rehabilitation facility and has been sober for eight months. Tyson in April sold his home in the posh Arizona community of Paradise Valley.
"He took the bull by the horns and has managed to deal with his addictions and stay sober for an extended period of time," Chesnoff told reporters after the hearing. "He's not in denial. He's acknowledged that what he did was wrong."

Tyson will realise his fate on the 19th November. God bless you Mike, we are all thinking of you at this time.
Photos courtesy of AP (Associated Press) - Photos/Tim Hacker, Pool.
06-June-07: Mike Tyson becomes Bollywood star
Mike Tyson Defeats Trevor Berbick in 1986
The film will be titled "Licence to Kill," the action thriller would see Tyson imitate real life, the Mumbai Mirror said.
Tyson featured in a promotional music video for the newly released Bollywood film Fool and Final, but the cameo received such a positive response from viewers that the director incorporated the number in the film.
"I had decided to make a film with him later but after response to the promos I decided to start the film sooner," said producer Firoz Nadiadwala."Tyson has a huge fan base and I want to tap that," Nadiadwala was quoted as saying.
The daily said Tyson was getting a "huge price" for the new film, which will feature three top actors and wil be directed by a renowned filmmaker
April 19th 2007 - Bollywood Debut For Mike Tyson ?
Mike Tyson Defeats Trevor Berbick in 1986
So why Tyson? "One of the actors in the film plays the role of a boxer and the producer thought it would be a good idea to have Mike Tyson in the promotional video," Ms Chothani said.

Tyson is expected to feature alongside actors in the film, namely Shahid Kapur, Viviek Oberoi, Ayesha Takia and Sunny Deol.

Firoz Nadiadwala produced last year's hit film, Phir Hera Pheri (More Fraud).


13-April-07: Mike Tyson Appears in Court on Thursday 12th April
Mike Tyson Defeats Trevor Berbick in 1986
Outside the Court house Tyson did not speak to the reporters gathered to ask him questions. Tyson left in a Cadillac Escalade.

Quoted by the media, Richard Schonfeld, a lwayer acting on behalf of Tyson, said: "We're very pleased with Mike's progress in treatment," Richard added: "He's 72 days sober. We're proud of him."

Tyson was arrested late last year after Police pulled his vehicle over, shortly after Tyson left a night club. According to court records, Police found little bags of cocaine on Tyson and more of the illegal drug in a pack of cigarettes found in his car.

Tyson entered a pleaded not guilty on Jan. 22 to felony drug possession and paraphernalia possession counts and two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence of drugs. If convicted on all four charges, Tyson could face a prison term up to 7 1/2 years.

View More Pictures here >


4th Jan 2007 - Mike Tyson in deep trouble with the law after being arrested for possession of cocaine and DUI

Mike Tyson Defeats Trevor Berbick in 1986
Mike Tyson was released from jail without bond on a felony drug possession charge Friday after an early-morning arrest in which Arizona police said they found two bags of white powder in his back pocket."He admitted to using today and stated he is an addict and has a problem," said a police probable cause statement filed in Maricopa County Superior Court. "Mike admitted to possessing bags of cocaine and said he uses any time he can get his hands on it."
Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson was stopped after his car almost struck a sheriff's vehicle while leaving a nightclub in Arizona, police said.

(Isaac Brekken/Associated Press) Tyson was arrested early Friday, after nearly ramming a police SUV, on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of cocaine when police stopped him shortly after he left a Scottsdale nightclub. An officer saw Tyson trying to wipe a white powder off the console of his BMW as he approached, the police report stated.
In court Friday morning, the former heavyweight champ was dressed in an oversized golf shirt, baggy jeans and tennis shoes. He said nothing, periodically tapping his feet or fingers while waiting for the judge to enter. Tyson did not enter a plea and had no lawyer.
No alcohol was found in his system, and a DUI charge was not filed pending toxicology tests.
He was scheduled for a preliminary hearing on January 16th.
Mike Tyson Defeats Trevor Berbick in 1986
22nd November 2006 - 20 Years To The Day since Mike Tyson Destroyed the late Trevor Berbick to become the youngest heavyweight champion

A young, confident and very determined Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history 20 years ago today (22nd November 1986) when he knocked out then WBC Champion Trevor Berbick in under two rounds.
Whatever may have happened since, this night was legendary and will be remembered forever in the history of boxing.
Tyson was at his very best in this fight, accurate, powerful, aggresive
lightening quick and simply un-stoppable.
Tyson and Corey T-Rex Sanders
21st October 2006 - Mike Tyson v Corey Sanders
Goes Full Four Rounds

Mike Tyson's world tour kicked off onFriday at the Chevrolet Centre in Youngstown, Ohio, with the former heavyweight champion fighting four rounds against Corey "T-Rex" Sanders. Sanders entered the ring wearing headgear, while Tyson did not use headgear. The fighters used 16-ounce gloves and wore t-shirts. Tyson dropped Sanders in the opening seconds and pressed the action throughout. Sanders seemed to have little interest in trading punches and virtually all the good connects were made by Tyson. Sanders' knees were buckled by a Tyson right in round three, and Tyson landed a big right hand in the fourth. No decision was rendered.
Tyson and Corey T-Rex Sanders
20th October 2006 - The Mike Tyson World Tour Starts

Living legend "Iron" Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs), former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, held an open media workout yesterday at the Downtown Boxing Gym in Youngstown, Ohio. Tyson boxes veteran Corey "T-Rex" Sanders (23-11, 15 KOs), who holds a knocked out victory against reigning World Boxing Council heavyweight title-holder Oleg Maskaev, in a four-round exhibition headlining Friday's night's the pay-per-view event.
he first leg of "Mike Tyson's World Tour" in Youngstown, presented by Sterling Promotions, will be broadcast live in North America on cable and satellite pay-per-view beginning at 10:30 PM/ET, 7:30 PM/PT. The event is being produced and distributed for Pay Per View by Queensbury Media and Integrated Sports and will be available in more than 50-million homes in North America via iN Demand, TVN, DirecTV & Dish Network in the USA, Viewer's Choice & Bell ExpressVu in Canada . The suggested retail price for the PPV telecast is only $29.95.

Tickets, affordably priced at $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, and $200.00, are on sale and available at the Chevrolet Centre Box Office or on line at www.gettix.net or at Gettix outlets. For more information call 330.746.5600 or go to www.chevroletcentre.com.

Doors will open Oct. 20 at 7 PM/ET with the first bout at 8 PM/ET. All fighters and matches are subject to change.
Mike Tyson 4 Years ago prior to the Lennox Lewis fight
4th October 06: Mike Tyson set to fight in Exhibition this month

The former heavyweight champ appeared calm and relaxed, smiling and joking
about the shape he's in physically, mentally and financially. But he said he was nervous to be back in front of an audience and in inner turmoil, his recent years marked by embarrassing fights - inside and out of the ring - and staggering debt.
"The money I make here is not going to help any of my bills really from a tremendous standpoint,'' he said. "But I'm going to feel better about myself. I'm not going to be depressed.

The "baddest man on the planet'' acknowledged he's in horrible shape and only capable of going three or four rounds. So Tyson, who last fought in June 2005, losing to the unheralded Kevin McBride, will return to the ring Oct. 20 at the 6,000-seat Chevrolet Centre in Youngstown against former sparring partner Corey "T-Rex'' Sanders."Hopefully, he's gentle and kind to me,'' Tyson said. "If he starts swinging, I'm going to start swinging.''The 40-year-old Tyson had said he was finished with boxing after his bout with McBride, which he quit after six rounds. On Thursday, the man who vowed to eat Lennox Lewis' children and bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear seemed accepting of his current position and emphasized he's in no mood for a comeback. "If I don't get out of these financial quagmires, there's a possibility I may have to be a punching bag for somebody,'' he said. After the news
conference, he said quietly, "I don't want to do that anymore. Everybody's saying, 'Mike, make a comeback.' I'm not going to do that."
The best decision I ever made was to retire from boxing. Because I don't have any stress. I'm pretty simple. I like the person I am now more
than I did. I don't like 'Iron Mike' _ I like Mike Tyson.''Tyson lived in the Youngstown area during his heyday and said the tour will start there because he's still wanted and comfortable there."I love the rain,'' he remarked of the former steel town's typically dreary
weather. "The rain to me is like sun to some people. It may sound pretty morbid.
That's why I stayed here so long.''He recently trained in a makeshift ring at a Las Vegas hotel to help pay off his debt. "I truly hate fighting,'' Tyson told The Associated Press in
August. "I've got a bad taste in my mouth.''It was that experience though that made him realize people still want to see him.

His goal on the tour, he said, is to entertain people and to enjoy
boxing for a change."I want to have fun because during my boxing career I was too damn
serious. That was my problem, I took myself too serious,"
Mike Tyson v Tarver in the Summer 20061-September-06: Mike Tyson in open training sessions

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson works out with his trainer Jeff Fenech during the first workout of a boxing exhibition on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2006, at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas.
Tyson said that he is not planning a comeback, and that he is just working out. Tyson will have open workouts at the Aladdin everyday, except Sundays, for the next four weeks.

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Mike Tyson v Tarver in the Summer 200630-August-06: Mike Tyson commentates on Rahman v Maskaev

Mike Tyson was at ringside as commentator during the Hasim Rahman vs Oleg Maskaev 2 event. Mike was commentating for the international HBO broadcast. Earlier Mike had attended the weigh-in of the two fighters raising both fighters arms in the traditional post weigh-in pose.

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